How does the software work?

It keeps track of hundreds of acres and multiple goats and you can view status updates right on your phone!

Will my job get easier?

If you like automation, yes!

What is required for installation?

Power on site. Either through a 110v 3-prong outlet or a solar panel.

How big are the robots?

They’re as big as a pizza box with wheels and about 27lbs.

How does it know where to go?

Works within a perimeter wire in the ground or via RTK wireless system.

When does it mow?

Rain or shine, day or night!

Can you set the cutting height?

Yes, from 0.5-4.5 inches.

Do the blades need to be replaced?

Yes, and it’s part of your subscription.

Do they ever get stolen?

Rarely - but they each have GPS installed on them and they are nonfunctional outside their perimeter.

Is My Goat really cheaper than insourcing?

My Goat subscribers pay a minimal cost with a subscription-based agreement. With My Goat, we’ve decided to guarantee our service through an escalating discount over the life of the contract. In addition, much like other subscription services, when new technology is available, the customer immediately has access to it. New technology will continue to get better and faster.

Does My Goat really save the environment?

Robots are a totally green solution. Nearly silent with no carbon footprint, each autonomous lawn mowing robot draws only 291kWh of power and eliminates the equivalent of 6,500 vehicle CO2 hours per year per 30 acre area!

How does My Goat optimize labor?

Using robots to mow up to 90% of the mowable areas means reassigning groundskeeping crews to more specialized work on your property. Robots also reduce recruiting and retention challenges and give team members a technology-focused career track.

How does My Goat save time?

To a robot, time is just a number. Autonomous robotic lawnmowers operate 120 hours per week (out of 168 hours); rain or shine, day or night. They are always on task, with no sick days, no masks, just mowing.

What are My Goat’s core values?

  • Be an educator.
  • Green is good. Time is a number.
  • Behavior trumps skill.
  • Confidence leads to trust. Trust leads to credibility.
  • Value = Easy + Convenient + Affordable.


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