Which Robot?

There are several robotic manufacturers, and our consulting experts will help you find the best robotic mower make and model for your particular property. Then our software will give you maximum efficiency and allow you to manage your new robots (goats) with ease.

When, Where & How?

Our consulting experts will show you exactly how to install your pens for robotic mowing and will provide full training to become a My Goat shepherd (technical groundskeeper.)

What will I get?

Our data analytics team works hard behind the scenes to help you produce a 5-star property.

Our proprietary software allows us to ping your robotic mower every 15 minutes and deliver real-time notifications so you can have maximum uptime and full autonomy.

Robotic mowers can only do so much. Partnered with the My Goat software, we can maximize your solution by providing 100% mower utilization and complete robotic autonomy on your property.
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