Sustaining the natural beauty of parks and recreation landscaping is effortless with the innovative technology of My Goat. It is important that community outdoor spaces be aesthetically pleasing but also maintain safety and accessibility for all visitors and their pets. The best commercial lawn mower to meet those needs is the technologically advanced service from My Goat.

My Goat’s revolutionary software combined with autonomous robotic mowers deliver a 25% reduction in maintenance and labor costs, in addition to boosting staff productivity by 3x. These 100% electric autonomous mowers can mow 120 acres a week in 90% of mowable areas and produce ZERO carbon emissions, which allows visitors to enjoy these spaces without the presence of pollution generated by traditional mowers. To top that, imagine how much more serene a park could be without the sound of a gas-powered engine roaring in the background.

How My Goat’s Autonomous Lawn Mowing Service Raises the Bar for Commercial Landscaping

The My Goat advantage allows for the easy, convenient, and affordable utilization and management of a fleet of robot lawn mowers. Our user-friendly dashboard and uniquely designed software helps property managers move, manage, maintain, and monitor their herd of goats with ease.

Cutting-edge technology includes sensors that allow the goats to detect obstacles in their paths. The goats can mow up to a 45-degree incline and can operate day and night, rain or shine. They are equipped with GPS-assisted security and only operational after a PIN is entered. For added safety and peace of mind, the goats will not work if they are moved from their designated mowing areas. This helps to eliminate the risk of theft and ensure the safety of the citizens.

My Goat ranks among the best commercial lawn mower services, with a focus on stewardship of the environment. Goats make almost NO NOISE, so their quiet operation won’t disturb visitors. They are powered by pulling from 110 outlets to maximize energy-efficiency, using no more than 7.5 amps at peak. These robotic mowers are self-mulching, which improves turf health to create a greener landscape.

By constantly maintaining the grass, the My Goat solution helps to cut down on common pests such as mosquitos, chiggers, and ticks. In addition, My Goat helps in reducing the need for harsh chemicals and pesticides. Traditional landscaping companies can’t compete with My Goat’s technology or commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

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