Golf courses, driving ranges, and country clubs across the United States are finding it more and more difficult to keep revenues ahead of expenses with rising labor costs and ever-increasing capital expenditures. Maintaining pristine conditions and a beautiful environment for players are challenging with limited resources and a dwindling workforce. Traditional commercial lawn mowers are costly to acquire and maintain, can damage sprinkler heads and markers, and the noise and pollution they generate prohibits their operation during certain times of the day and play.

My Goat® is out to change the way golf courses mow and maintain their courses. The My Goat solution encompases our user-friendly software to move, manage, maintain, and monitor a fleet of robotic lawn mowers in order to increase productivity and cut labor and maintenance costs.

The goats are quiet, clean-running, self-mulching so better for the turf, and best of all, your groundskeepers can be redeployed to other tasks by taking the mowing off their punch list. When the robots do the mowing, your grounds team can concentrate on beautification, mulching, planting, moving holes and more. My Goat® can operate 24/7, always maintaining the grass. Even in the rain!

  • The goats are heavy duty commercial grade mowers weighing only 27 pounds vs. a 1200-pound zero turn mower, therefore, no compression, divots nor tire tracks
  • NO noise for continued rounds of golf while maintaining the grass
  • Enhance labor productivity by 35% for beautification of common areas, holes, driving range, and everything in between.
  • 25% lower maintenance expenses by eliminating large, gas-guzzling equipment

Easily Manage & Maintain Your Grounds Remotely

How do you remotely manage 18 holes plus a driving range and more? My Goat software allows groundskeepers the ability to manage a fleet of autonomous lawn mowers and hundreds of acres from their smart devices. Through the dashboard, one can start, stop, pause, and send the goats to the charging station all with the tap of a finger. Staff can seamlessly integrate and create their work order through the event log on the My Goat dashboard.

With another touch of a button, our robot lawn mowers have adjustable height capabilities, so whatever your preference or cutting height, they can serve any number of functions from cutting the rough to maintaining the fairways, driving range and more.

  • Adjustable cutting height capabilities from .3 inches for tee boxes and putting greens to up to 4 inches for the rough.
  • GPS assisted navigation
  • User-friendly software for remote management and monitoring

My Goat solution allows for rounds of play AND holes being mowed. What if you could mow through the night and get players started an hour or two earlier? Think about what that could add to the bottom line from using autonomous lawn mowers, not to mention, excitement for the players.

  • Reduce labor costs by 30%
  • Mow day/night, rain/shine
  • Earlier start times/ More rounds of golf
  • Increase member satisfaction

My Goat is a Eco-Friendly, Commercial Landscaping Solution

We believe green, healthy grass is the goal, and the #1 goal of turf managers! My Goat is a green mowing solution that eliminates the need for heavy, gas powered zero turn mowers. Going green with electric mowers is a landscape beautification solution without oil and gas dripping on your commercial property, ruining your grass. The same grass you then have to aerate, reseed and fertilize using more equipment, harsh chemicals, time, and money.

It’s estimated that over 87 gallons of gas are spilled per year on an average golf course by traditional riding mowers. The carbon footprint of one HOUR on a zero turn mower is equivalent to over 300 miles driven in a Toyota Camry.

  • GREEN, environmentally friendly. ZERO carbon footprint
  • Electric, battery-powered mowers
  • No damage to driving range balls
  • Less chemicals, aerating, and overseeding

Save Big with Subscription-Based Groundskeeping Services

The best news? My Goat® is a subscription lawn mowing service, meaning you instantly realize huge equipment and maintenance savings AND regain control of your human capital. With My Goat, you can increase labor productivity by an average of 35% and decrease labor and maintenance costs by 30% on average.

  • Maintenance program provides new blades monthly
  • Not locked into hardware
  • Training and support provided by My Goat


“We go through $30,000 a year in damaged balls. This could save us a lot of money!”
—St. Petersburg, FL

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