With rising labor costs, labor shortages, and ever-increasing capital expenditures, cemeteries across the United States are finding it more difficult to keep revenues ahead of expenses while seeking to maintain a pristine and serene landscape for visitors and their loved ones. Traditional commercial lawn mowers are costly to acquire and maintain, can damage markers and headstones, and the noise and pollution they generate prohibit their operation during burials and special events.

My Goat® is out to change that and revolutionize commercial lawn mowing services for cemeteries.

  • Enhance Groundskeeper Skills
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs by 20%
  • 35% Increase in Labor Productivity
  • Environmentally Friendly - No Noise; ZERO Carbon Footprint
  • Double the Acreage Mowed with Half of the Hardware
  • Rain or Shine; Day or Night: My Goat will operate 24/7

We strive to make commercial landscaping and lawn mowing easy, convenient, and affordable. My Goat is a software solution that allows you to MOVE, MANAGE, MAINTAIN, and MONITOR autonomous robotic mowers across hundreds of acres of grass from a smartphone. The user-friendly My Goat software dashboard disrupts the STATUS QUO of commercial mowing.

How is My Goat a Labor Saver?

Our robotic lawn mowers can handle large commercial lawns and different types of terrain. They are heavy duty yet quiet, clean-running, better for the turf, and best of all, cemetery grounds staff can be re-deployed to other tasks by removing the mowing burden during the growing season.

Using robot lawn mowers to mow up to 90% of the mowable areas means reassigning groundskeeping crews to more specialized work on the property. Robot lawn mowers also reduce recruiting and retention challenges and give team members a technology-focused career track. With labor shortages dominating the headlines these days, My Goat is filling the gaps.

Our training program and customer service help our customers motivate their employees because we are making their jobs easier and educating them. Turning them into "technology groundskeepers" instead of sticking with the status quo.

  • 23% better wages with the My Goat savings
  • 19% increase in employee retention
  • Multi-level My Goat certification training program

What is the financial impact of My Goat?

My Goat is a subscription service. Instantly, savings can be realized by eliminating traditional zero-turn mowers and associated maintenance costs. We can alleviate/eliminate the burden of purchasing, maintaining, and insuring costly heavy equipment AND regain control of your human capital. When the robots do the mowing, your groundskeepers have more time for beautification and capital projects!

Additionally, with our maintenance program and subscription service, our customers not only see the result of consistent beautifully mowed grass, but the financial benefits will mow you over!

To match the consistency of the goats maintaining your cemetery lawn, take your current operations budget and multiply it by 1.5. That’s what it would take to keep your grass mowed all week long.

Don’t just mow one or two days out of the week. Have robots constantly maintaining the grass- Rain or shine. Day or night.

  • Reduce maintenance cost by 27%
  • Reduce labor cost by up to 33%
  • My Goat owns and insures the hardware. Your only cost is a monthly subscription
  • Maintenance program and monthly new blades included
  • Minimal capital investment

How does My Goat impact the environment?

The GREEN aspect of autonomous robotic lawn mowers is also a crowd-pleaser. My Goat robot mowers are electric with rechargeable batteries, therefore environmentally friendly. No more hauling gas and oil to power zero-turn mowers and, in turn, no more heavy chemicals to help bring back the grass that was harmed from oil and gas.

  • Green mowing solution
  • ZERO emissions
  • Self-mulching so healthier, thicker grass
  • Reduce chemicals such as Round-Up, weed killers, fertilizers and more
  • 50% reduction in trimming

Eco Fact: Did you know that a study from California’s Air Resources Board says that running a commercial lawn mower for one hour emits the pollution equivalent of driving a Toyota Camry for around 300 miles? Now, think about how many hours it takes to mow your cemetery with a commercial lawn mower. My Goat boasts the additional environmental benefit of installing our green mowing solution is like eliminating 6,500 vehicle CO2 hours per year per 30-acre area.

Similarly, The Tennessee Valley Authority did a case study analyzing the My Goat solution with one of the largest publicly traded cemetery corporations.

In 2019, this property deployed autonomous electric robot lawn mowers in the private estate areas of their cemetery. They estimated that over 12 months, a robot lawn mower only draws 291.5 kWh per unit.

What does this mean- minimal energy used. Spend pennies. Save tons of carbon emissions.

What does My Goat mean to the families you serve?

  • Reduced damage to markers and headstones with 27-pound robot vs 1200 pound commercial mower
  • Buried perimeter wire as to not disturb the landscape
  • NO carbon footprint
  • NO noise in the cemetery
  • Enjoy a quiet and consistently manicured environment for the families you serve from the burial experience through a lifetime of family member visitations
  • Less worry about guests falling in a hole or tripping over a root system. My Goat is a tool that finds the imperfections of the terrain and reports back to the groundskeepers.

Customer Testimonials:

“We’ve gotten two days of mowing back! We’ve had less weed eating and edging since the goats came to the property. And the most surprising benefit is we don’t have to spray Round-up anymore. We aren’t blowing grass in the beds then having to kill the grass.”
—Groundskeeper at Harpeth Hills Memorial Gardens, Nashville, TN

“Easier way to maintain and makes my job easier. It allows us to do a whole lot more with the property and frees us up from having to stop what we’re doing and mow”
—Head Groundskeeper at Florence Memorial Gardens, Florence, SC

“The GPS makes it easy to know where it is and what it's doing just from my phone. I don’t have to wait and see what’s happening when I come on property”
—Groundskeeper at Florence Memorial Gardens, Florence, SC

“For 5 weeks last summer we could not mow because of rain. The only areas that were maintained during the rain was where the goats were mowing.”
—Operations Manager overseeing Family Legacy Properties, Davidson and Williamson Counties in Tennessee

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