With rising labor costs and ever-increasing capital expenditures, cemeteries across the United States are finding it more and more difficult to keep revenues ahead of expenses while seeking to maintain a pristine environment for visitors and their loved ones. Traditional mowers are costly to acquire and maintain, can damage markers and headstones, and the noise and pollution they generate prohibits their operation during burials and special events.

My Goat® is out to change that. Our robotic mowers can handle large property areas. They are quiet, clean-running, better for the turf, and best of all, cemetery grounds staff can be redeployed to other tasks by taking the mowing burden off. My Goat® can operate 24/7. Even in the rain!

  • No capital investment
  • Reduced damage to markers and headstones with 27 pound robot vs 1200 pound mower
  • NO noise in cemetery and ZERO carbon footprint
  • Enjoy a quiet environment for the families you serve from the burial experience through a lifetime of family member visitations

The best news? My Goat® is a subscription service, meaning you instantly realize huge equipment and maintenance savings AND regain control of your human capital. Contact us today to learn more about our 10 day demonstration period and see how My Goat® is revolutionizing the cemetery industry.

My Goat® Partners With Harpeth Hills Cemetery

A My Goat® robotic mower trimming at Harpeth Hills Cemetery in Nashville.

The Nashville Business Journal recently interviewed My Goat® founder Neil Amrhein.
Read the story.

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