Managing a diligently maintained lawn and environment focused on safety is essential for airports. With security standards at an all-time high and labor at an all-time low, airports are strapped juggling beautification and safety with limited resources.

The challenges of rising labor and maintenance costs and limited manpower pose endless difficulties as airports struggle to maintain landscaping and safety standards. My Goat bridges the gap between humans and a fleet of robotic mowers through our user-friendly dashboard. Our subscription service and software make remote management and maintenance easy, convenient, and affordable. Having a herd of robotic mowers, or goats increases productivity by 3x because our innovative technology allows them to mow 120+ acres per week in any weather conditions. In addition, our autonomous lawn mower service reduces hazards that affect airport safety.

What Makes Robot Lawn Mower Services Ideal for Airports

Safety is the utmost priority at any airport. The My Goat solution reduces human interaction in the safety zones, along runways and taxiways. Our robot lawnmowers communicate on a cellular network and the charging stations pull power from a 110 outlet – a voltage too low to interfere with signals between pilots and control towers. Goats can be stopped and started remotely during airplane takeoffs and landings and can operate within 200 feet of the center line of the runway in safety zones.

The financial savings of employing My Goat’s autonomous lawn mower services offers a 30% reduction in maintenance costs, a decrease in workers’ compensation and insurance claims, fewer overtime hours, and no wasted salary on staff waiting with their stand-on mower to get the work done. Monthly mower blade replacement is an additional cost saving, as well as a safety benefit provided by My Goat.

The productivity of airport grounds staff increases as goats can mow up to 90% of mowable areas, allowing groundskeeping teams to be deployed to other essential tasks. We elevate the grounds staff by giving them a new skill set–technology groundskeeping–and offer an extensive training program. This is a valuable asset as employers continue to face labor shortages. And, goats can be utilized 24/7 – even in the rain! Breathe easier knowing that the grass will always be maintained no matter the situation or circumstance.

Our goats help to elevate the aesthetic appeal of airport exteriors while decreasing the need for and use of additional gas-powered equipment and harsh chemicals. Their lightweight design (only weighing 27 – 35 lbs. each) reduces property damage and can get closer to structures, fencing, and buildings than traditional zero-turn mowers. The adjustable cutting deck of each Goat ensures consistently maintained grass at certain heights for different areas and preferences. Our goats can even mow on inclines up to 70 degrees.

The possibility of wildlife wandering onto airport property to seek food or shelter is an additional threat. The goats’ continuous mowing capabilities mean more activity on your grounds, which can help make your property less appealing to wildlife, in addition to maintaining grass heights to deter certain types of pests.

My Goat’s innovative software utilizes commercial-grade, 100% electric mowers with rechargeable batteries that produce ZERO carbon emissions and eliminate noise. They are eco-friendly and self-mulching, therefore, they are better for the grass, better for the environment, and better for your bottom line.

Advanced Technology Makes Commercial Landscaping Easier Than Ever

The My Goat solution is different from other landscaping companies because we use cutting-edge, internally developed technology to move, monitor, manage, and maintain a fleet of goats, which saves airports up to 30% in labor costs while increasing productivity by 35%. Take back the mowing and take back security woes. The My Goat software is easy to use and can control all goats remotely from a mobile app or desktop as they mow airport property.

Our subscription-based service removes the burden of maintaining heavy equipment. Airports have enough big equipment to worry about. Our robotic lawnmowers have sensors to avoid pathway obstructions and GPS-assisted navigation which prevents the goats from working outside of their pens, thus reducing the risk of theft and human error.

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