What Makes My Goat the Leader in Commercial Robot Lawn Mower Services?

My Goat is the leader in commercial robot lawn mower services by providing what no other robotic lawn care service does: a software solution for commercial lawn mowing.  My Goat, a software company, has been called the “Roomba meets Netflix” of commercial lawn mowing.

My Goat vs. The Status Quo

In 1948, the Toro company started the residential push lawn mower industry, using Briggs and Stratton engines. Toro was able to produce an affordable mower for homeowners that could be stored in the garage.

Zero-turn mowers emerged in the ‘50s and ‘60s. In 1963, a man named John Reiger patented the “zero-turn radius” technology. This patent immediately launched the company, Hustler Turf Equipment, makers of the “Hustler” and “BigDog” Mowers.

Today, commercial lawn mowing usually means a person riding a zero-turn lawn mower fitted with a gasoline engine. Efficiency has been stalled at around one hour for one acre on one gallon of gas for the last 50 years. Think about that. It’s been fifty years since any major improvements in commercial lawn mowing have happened! This is the year!  

We know a lot about mowing lawns with commercial zero-turns. Here are the main reasons we need to mow past the status quo:

  • Gasoline engines burn fossil fuels, are not “green”, and cause air pollution
  • Gasoline engines are loud, causing noise pollution
  • Gasoline engines have associated maintenance costs; oil, belts, spark plugs, etc …
  • Commercial-sized lawn mowers cause significant property damage via collisions
  • Lawn mowers can throw objects that impact people, property, and pets
  • Riding lawn mowers is physically difficult for the workers
  • Finding workers to commit to full-time seasonal mowing jobs is increasingly difficult

Now, imagine the real benefits that robotic lawn mowers bring to the industry. Robotic lawn mowers:

  • Are powered by electricity, many using solar power
  • Are quiet
  • Have limited maintenance costs: basically just blade changes, which are cheap, easy, and fast
  • Are better as they limit property damage due to the size, speed, and construction material of the robots
  • Are completely safe
  • Involve no physical labor 
  • Offer large worker efficiency gains, meaning fewer workers needed for mowing tasks

As you can see, My Goat is destroying the status quo in commercial lawn mowing.

Hardware vs. Software

Today, there are primarily ten manufacturers of robotic lawn mowers available in the United States. History is repeating itself in the lawnmower market and, in this case, it is happening around us. All of these manufacturers are focused on the residential market, just like Toro was in 1948. Commercial customers are left trying to take a small-lot residential tool and apply it to the commercial setting. 

Let’s go back to a commonly used robot, the Roomba. If you have one in your home, you are familiar with how they work. You can easily keep track of one robot cleaning the floors around your house. Imagine the commercial application of Roomba’s in a large hospital complex or a warehouse. How could you possibly keep track of the robots and the people needed to maintain them? This is exactly what makes My Goat an industry-disrupting software company.  

The My Goat software solution provides our customers with a real-time dashboard and visibility of their “herd” of goats. The software efficiently guides our “shepherds” to the goats, when and where they need the most assistance. The software tracks Goat and shepherd utilization and effectiveness, while providing actionable steps for daily work activities for the shepherd. With the My Goat software, you can remotely manage your commercial properties, your team, and your robot lawnmowers.

Try Our Innovative Commercial Robot Lawn Mower Service with a 90-Day Demo

My Goat is the leader in commercial robot lawn mower services because it provides the only software-based solution to implementing a herd of robot lawn mowers at scale.  The My Goat solution encompasses customer service, support, full access to the dashboard, training and certification for shepherds, and much more. Call 615-540-8870 to request a 90-day demonstration.