The Sustainability of My Goat – Inside & Out

Robot Lawn Mowers

My Goat is not only a sustainable company within, My Goat is a sustainable solution for businesses. 

My Goat as a sustainable workplace and sustainable solution for businesses. My Goat is a subscription-based technology company that helps commercial properties utilize and optimize autonomous robotic mowers. Think Roomba meets Netflix for commercial lawn mowing. 

A Look Inside My Goat

What does My Goat look like on the inside? How do we move the ball forward and disrupt the status quo, all while providing a green mowing solution?

Internally, we implement and utilize a couple of different tools. The first being The Culture Index. The Culture Index is a quick 10 – 15-minute, 2-question survey that delivers analytics on how to communicate and motivate effectively. We use the data and insight to learn how to best communicate amongst ourselves as well as our clients. We all stay in constant communication using traditional channels like email, calls, and texts, as well as not-so-common mediums like Marco Polo, a video messaging app. 

Additionally, we subscribe to and implement a business strategy, Traction, which obviously helps our company gain traction. The book, Traction, by Gino Wickman, “guides leaders of entrepreneurial organizations on how to gain control of their business through the Entrepreneurial Operating System.” This means we create goals quarterly, list the activities we believe will help us achieve those goals, and score them weekly at our Level 10 meeting. We also have daily 15-minute huddles, or check-ins, which are also structured for quick, productive calls.

My Goat on the Outside

Externally, we are providing a sustainable service that is disrupting the landscape industry!

For the last 50 years, mowing grass has been the same – one person sitting on a mower for hours on end when conditions are ideal; limited to the number of acres a mower can cover, the person can work with limited hours in the day.

My Goat is a green lawn mowing service, utilizing autonomous robotic mowers. Electric robotic mowers are better for the environment, as well as for business. Our Goats are electric, self- mulching so better for the grass, produce ZERO carbon emissions, and make virtually no noise. The traditional landscaping space is changing rapidly due to the shortage in labor. With My Goat, commercial property owners can redeploy their staff to increase labor productivity by 35% and lower their maintenance and labor costs by 30%.

People come and go, but the goats will still be mowing.

To put it into context, here are some mind-blowing statistics:

  • The EPA states that 5% of U.S. air pollution is caused by gas powered mowers.
  • 87 gallons of gas are spilled on a golf course every year with traditional mowing.
  • 1 hour on a zero-turn mower is equivalent to 300 miles in a Toyota Camry. Not to mention the decibels of noise that comes from a gas-powered mower is not regulated and far exceeds the recommended amount. Think about how far down the street you can hear someone cutting their grass.

Many Americans and citizens of the world have already made the shift to electric vehicles, now is the time for electric mowers. 

To further our point of sustainability, My Goat contributes to the skill set of their customers. With our training program, which is included in the monthly subscription, My Goat trains groundskeepers, elevating their skills to include technology, thus the “Technology Groundskeeper” is born. Not only will their new skill set and continued education further the person, the business owner can reap the benefits of staff retention and staff expertise. 

Help Solve Rising Labor & Environmental Issues by Switching to My Goat

We believe Robots As A Services will help sustain the environment and help tackle labor shortages. We believe in being educators. We believe GREEN is GOOD and Time is a Number when it comes to business and our environment. We believe battery powered machines combined with software and technology with AI is a better solution for business and a better solution for the planet. 

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