Robot Lawn Mower Services to Transform Campus Groundskeeping

There have been significant changes in today’s workforce, and we have all had to navigate its challenges. Schools attempting to find a lawn mowing service that is affordable and reliable providing quality work is difficult. Labor costs are rising, and workers are dwindling.

My Goat is the solution and the future of campus maintenance. Our autonomous lawn mowers 

  • Increase productivity by 3X
  • Lower maintenance and labor cost by 25%
  • Our goats are able to mow more than 120 acres a week in 90% of mowable areas
  • A GREEN, eco-friendly mowing solution
  • 100% electric and produces ZERO carbon emissions
  • Safe around students, pets, families and visitors alike     

Benefits of Autonomous Lawn Mower Services

My Goat’s commercial lawn mower service has a
distinct advantage over other commercial landscaping services for bustling schools in that we make managing a fleet of autonomous robotic mowers easy, convenient and affordable. Our user-friendly customer dashboard utilizes internally designed software to allow groundskeepers the ability to move, manage, maintain, and monitor their goats.

My Goat software

  • Sets and alerts to the goat’s grazing schedule,
  • Logs events that occur with each goat,
  • Hosts a library of training videos
  • Monitors the
    • Goat Utilization Rate
    • Financial Impact Rate
    • Human Utilization Rate
    • Environmental Impact

In addition, our eco-friendly robotic mowers have adjustable deck heights to accommodate any preference and provide evenly mowed lawns 24/7.

Monthly mower blade replacement is an additional cost savings included in a My Goat subscription. Fewer maintenance requirements equate to saving money and utilizing staff more efficiently, freeing up time for other essential tasks. Tasks that only humans can do!

What Makes My Goat the Best Commercial Lawn Mower Service for Schools?

We all want what is best for every school from the playgrounds of a pre-school to the vast campuses of a university. My Goat uses cutting-edge technology to operate and monitor a herd of goats, which can save schools up to 30% in labor costs while also increasing productivity by 35%.

Schools save time and money as the My Goat mobile dashboard is easily accessed in the field, relieving schools of scheduling and maintenance burdens, and inefficiencies both physical and financial.

These robot mowers make almost NO NOISE and allow for a conducive teaching and studying environment. Safe, landscaped grounds offer visually stimulating curb appeal that welcomes staff, students, and visitors.

Sensors throughout detect obstructions in its path, whether a person or tree, in the grassy areas and can operate day or night, rain or shine. Our goats even have GPS-assisted navigation services to prevent theft and shut off function if they are taken outside their “pen”.

Schools and universities are at the forefront of discovery and innovation as they mobilize upcoming generations to forge a path to the future. The same should be said for the way they take care of their campus. My Goat’s uniquely designed software is poised for rapid expansion across a variety of industries, and institutions of learning can be front and center in that expansion. Our robotic lawn mower software bridges the gap between humans and robots, merging the future and present with innovation that is cost-effective.

Easily Manage Your Commercial Landscaping with a My Goat Subscription

The future is here with robot lawn mowers and My Goat’s subscription model can ensure you have the latest and greatest hardware without being locked into a major equipment purchase. Robots as a Service (RAAS)  is the wave of the future for commercial lawns and is here to stay.  My Goat’s robot lawn mowers take that service  to a new level. Schools, colleges, and universities are constantly faced with budget issues and workforce shortages, and our subscription-based software service is a practical, affordable, convenient solution.

Try My Goat’s Autonomous Commercial Lawn Mowing Service for a 28 or 90 Day Trial

My Goat subscription based service can supply your school with the latest technology in commercial lawn mowing services. Allow My Goat to reduce costs, boost productivity, and create a safe and beautiful environment for all teachers, students, and visitors from the smallest neighborhood school to the expansive campus of a great university.
Contact us at 615-540-8870 to schedule your 28-day or 90-day demonstration period.

The status quo doesn’t cut it anymore for forward thinking, educational institutions.