What Makes Robot Lawn Mowers Truly Autonomous Robots?

The My Goat Software Program and Good Business Core Values

Welcome to My Goat and welcome to our herd!

My Goat is a subscription based technology company that helps commercial properties utilize and optimize autonomous lawn mowers. With the My Goat software, we give property owners and managers the ability to maintain, manage, monitor, and move their herd. 

Core values help businesses align and dictate every move and decision. They give direction to an organization,their customers and their employees. With any great company, core values are at the very center of that organization, and My Goat is no different.

What drives My Goat? Besides the user-friendly software and electric-powered mowers, our core values, of course! Our core values shape and strengthen every decision and relationship in our environment and on our horizon. It aligns your customer needs as a commercial property owner with what My Goat offers. 

To best understand My Goat and the value that comes along with our services, you must first understand our core values:

Be an Educator

We believe education is the foundation of understanding. My Goat is a software company that provides tools, training, and technology to help change and disrupt the traditional commercial mowing landscape. We do that so that our customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of three to five times increase in labor productivity. 

When the robots do the mowing, your groundskeepers have more time for beautification! Additionally, with our maintenance program and subscription service, our customers can reduce their maintenance cost by 35%. We can alleviate/eliminate the burden of purchasing, maintaining, and insuring costly heavy equipment- this type of equipment, might we add, is not getting smarter or more efficient by the day!

Green is Good. Time is a Number

We believe green, healthy grass is the goal. How do we accomplish that? We use robotic  lawn mowers that have been used and adopted for over 25 years now. Self mulching and only weighing around 27 pounds, the goats eliminate the need for heavy equipment such as tractors and zero turn mowers. 

The robots are electric which means GREEN for the environment and GREEN in your wallet! They are environmentally friendly, make virtually no noise, and emit zero emissions so zero carbon footprint. 

Going green with electric mowers is a landscape beautification solution without oil and gas dripping on your commercial property, ruining your grass. The same grass to then have to reseed and fertilize with harsh chemicals using more equipment, time, and money. With a touch of a button, these battery powered lawn mowers have adjustable height capabilities, so no matter your preference or cutting height, they can serve all commercial properties from golf courses to cemeteries.  

Time is a number. This is important because there are only 168 hours a week. We believe and we know our goats graze 120 hours a week. Robots want to work! They have the capability to operate 24/7. 

Operating 6 hours on one electric charge, the goats will mow day and night, rain and shine. 

My Goat dramatically improves labor utilization in commercial lawn care to lower costs and expand the work week. Groundskeepers sitting on a zero turn mower could technically mow 40 hours a week. A robot would welcome the opportunity to mow 120 hours a week and beyond. Saving time and saving money is a core value. 

Robotic mowers will maintain while you sleep,  take themselves to their charging station, and continue on. Think of the time you will save or the money you will gain when you can start your day and the grass is already taken care of. 

Behavior Trumps Skill

We believe what you do when people are not looking is the judge and basis of what character is all about. We believe that creating good habits through training, technology and tools will allow you to adopt and embrace the My Goat solution and thrive in the future.  

Our customers are not successful due to one or several skill sets that they hold, but because they have developed the behavior of utilizing My Goat technology to up the game at their property! 

With the My Goat software product, the results depend on you. Goats are robot lawn mowers. They still need to be monitored and maintained by humans but with our software, we make that manageable no matter the size of the property or amount of autonomous mowers. The human element is key. 

With the commitment of the herders, your commercial property will continue to get better and better. My Goat offers a full training program to elevate groundskeepers to technology grounds keepers. When the robotic mowers first arrive at the commercial property, the grounds may not be ideal. They can get stuck in a hole, not be able to go over a large, above ground root, or any number of environmental factors. 

The difference the software makes is helping the groundskeepers adapt to the environment. With the willingness to learn and work with our program, the goats will truly become autonomous lawn mowers. The key is the log. Making a habit of interacting with our dashboard and fixing environmental obstacles, the property will shine like never before. 

Confidence Leads to Trust. Trust Leads to Credibility

Today your confidence begins in My Goat. Your confidence is predicated on the trust that builds on the tools that we offer, the solution and software, the dashboard and technology that we provide. Ultimately, all of the training and education will be transferred and passed on to your team.

We know that we can not build your trust or credibility without building your team’s confidence in the My Goat solution!

Value = Make it Easy, Convenient, and Affordable.

We believe a partnership is about adding value. Value for us is making our partnership easy, convenient, and affordable for you. We work every day to make sure that every component of our goats and every component of our software make the My Goat solution easy, convenient and affordable for our partners. 

We strive for you and your organization to thrive with another choice on how to mow and maintain your commercial property. We want to provide the utmost level of service and value to, in turn, pass along to your customers and team.

Easy, convenient, and affordable can refer to so many different things in business. And with our business, we mean it in all of the ways. From the top down, our messaging services keep those informed who need to be updated from weekly to daily to hourly. 

Our software makes it convenient to manage your goats and commercial property, ensuring the robots are doing the mowing. And surely not least, with a monthly subscription and maintenance program included, affordability has never been so attainable. 

We hope to have you join our My Goat family! Sit back, relax, and let the goats do the mowing. My Goat is lawn care re-imagined and re-engineered!