It’s Time Commercial Mowing Goes Green

My Goat is the leader in commercial robot lawn mower services by providing what no other robotic lawn care service does: a software solution for commercial lawn mowing.  To understand the My Goat Software advantage, think “Roomba meets Netflix” for commercial lawn mowing.

The Status Quo is Gas Powered

From the first Toro Company residential lawn mower,  way back in 1948, to the ‘60s when a man named John Reiger patented the “zero-turn radius” technology for Hustler Turf Equipment, makers of the “Hustler” and “BigDog” Mowers, mowing grass has meant burning fossil fuels.  That is 70 years of burning gasoline and diesel.  420 million gallons of gasoline and another 100 million gallons of diesel are burned annually.  Just for commercial lawn mowing.

Additionally, The EPA estimates that gasoline lawn mowers produce 11 times as much pollution as a new car, over comparable run times. Each gasoline lawn mower produces as much air pollution as 43 new automobiles driven 12,000 per year.

Status Quo is also noisy and contaminates the environment.  Spilled gasoline causes groundwater contamination.  Noise from these mowers is driving cities and states to consider the outlawing of gasoline engines.

The Future is My Goat Powered

As America moves into the Green future, It is past time that The Status Quo for commercial lawn mowing changes. Here at My Goat we are championing a completely green solution to commercial lawn mowing. Robotic lawn mowers are 100% powered by electricity.  They are also very quiet, causing no noise pollution.  My Goat is also partnering with a solar provider.  This gives our customers a choice of completely green and sustainable power options.

As you can see, My Goat is destroying the status quo in commercial lawn mowing.

Try My Goat with a 90-Day Demo

My Goat is the leader in commercial robot lawn mower services because it provides the only software-based solution to implementing a herd of robot lawn mowers (goats) at scale.  The My Goat solution encompasses customer service, support, full access to the dashboard, training and certification for shepherds, and much more. Call 615-540-8870 to request a 90-day demonstration.