Husqvarna Automower Meets My Goat Management Software for Unstoppable Innovation in Commercial Groundskeeping

The perfect partnership has been achieved by combining My Goat’s robotic software technology with Husqvarna, a global leader in the highest-performing outdoor power products. My Goat has elevated Husqvarna’s industry-leading hardware by integrating exclusive management software to create a mowing solution that has propelled the lawn care industry into the future, thus disrupting the status quo of traditional mowing. 

As a certified dealer of the Husqvarna automower, My Goat’s subscription model makes access to an incredibly designed robotic mower easy, convenient and affordable. Traditional mowing is inefficient, costly to acquire and maintain and belongs in the past. My Goat dashboard allows commercial properties to manage, monitor, and maintain a fleet of robotic mowers on your property.

Top-of-the-Line Design & Functionality

Husqvarna is a globally respected brand with a long history of producing the finest in outdoor power products. It is no surprise that their extensive list of high-quality products includes robotic mowers that were designed with durability and reliability in mind.

The Husqvarna automower provides features and benefits unlike the hardware of traditional landscaping companies. These robotic mowers use cutting-edge AI integration with smart home systems, like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and can be easily managed and operated via the mobile app.

Uneven terrain and sloped areas are no match for these heavy-duty mowers, as they can tackle up to a 70% incline and the complexity of nearly any commercial property. The robots are truly autonomous with rechargeable batteries and GPS tracking for added security.

The My Goat Difference

My Goat is trained and certified through Husqvarna, and has achieved the title of Automower Specialist, making us experts on this innovative hardware. Our partnership unites the very best in a leading hardware company and a revolutionary software company.

My Goat has earned its position among the top three Husqvarna dealers in terms of knowledge and expertise. And My Goat is especially proud of being one of the top 10 Husqvarna dealers in sales. These achievements come as no surprise, as My Goat has more experience than the average dealer because we have been selling the Husqvarna automower for five years, which is longer than most. It may not seem like a long time as Husquavarna has been selling the automower in Europe for over 25 years, the US is just now utilizing and embracing these machines. 

My Goat’s technology makes the fleet of mowers (goats) more manageable. By using the My Goat mobile app, you can oversee all tasks for the lawn mowers in the field on a smart device. My Goat optimizes their capabilities by setting the robots on a grazing schedule and setting alerts to notify their shepherds when they need assistance. You are always informed of mowing schedules and Goat status because all events are logged as part of an integrated workflow. And if you need some additional training, My Goat hosts a library of videos that will answer your questions and build your expertise.

My Goat’s subscription-based service offers ease-of-use, convenience, and affordability to commercial property owners that is as comprehensive as informative. We monitor the goat utilization rate, financial impact, human utilization rate, and environmental impact generated by your use. Your minimal monthly subscription includes maintenance, My Goat shepherd training as well as monthly blade replacement. My Goat owns the robotic mowers, so you only pay for the subscription.

The easily accessible dashboard on your mobile app monitors the goats and allows you to effortlessly manage and monitor your property. Because goats can mow up to 90% of mowable areas, grounds staff can focus on more beautification and specialized work. This time-saving shift in responsibilities can increase productivity by 35% and save up to 30% in labor costs. These savings are invaluable for commercial property managers as My Goat reduces physical and financial inefficiencies.

Get All the Benefits of the Husqvarna Automower with the Technological Advancements of My Goat

My Goat’s software for robotic mowers combined with the
Husqvarna automower is the perfect match for your property to achieve the beauty of a healthy, well-maintained lawn while experiencing financial savings and maximizing manpower.

Contact My Goat today to learn more about our subscription landscaping services and our offer of a 28-day demonstration period to service your entire property.