Difference Between My Goat & Manufacturer Robot Lawn Mowers

Commercial Robot Lawn Mowers

The difference can be summed up in two words – software solution. My Goat is, at its core, a software solution that allows its commercial properties to MANAGE, MONITOR, MAINTAIN, and MOVE autonomous robot lawn mowers (for now! We can not wait for the future of robotics!). 

On a small scale, it would be easy to buy one robot lawn mower, set it free, and watch it mow. If you checked in and saw the robot mower not moving, well then no problem, you would just go to that mower and rescue it. 

But what happens when you have acres and acres to mow and multiple robot mowers to manage? 

Whether it be a cemetery or a driving range, a couple of robotic mowers might be manageable, but let’s think on a larger scale. 

How would you manage a fleet of 50 robot mowers? 100 robot mowers? How do you manage 200 acres with autonomous robot mowers? Wouldn’t you need a tool that keeps track of all of them? 

We don’t think, we know so! And that is where My Goat software comes in. 

Through our dynamic, user-friendly dashboard, everyone from the groundskeepers to the general managers to the regional vice presidents and owners, My Goat software solution enables everyone to access the current condition of their property and is the communication channel between robot and human. 

Manage Your Robot Lawn Mowers

Shepards manage herds of goats. Similarly, My Goat shepherds MANAGE their herd of goats through our dashboard. 

When My Goat is implemented on a commercial property, My Goat’s staff not only assists with the installation of the robot lawn mowers, but also trains the property’s groundskeepers on everything My Goat so that they can become self-sufficient. Through hands-on training and software engagement, current property staff will be certified in My Goat and will become certified My Goat Shepards. 
Once the goats are set out to graze on the property, groundskeepers will have the ability to MANAGE the herd remotely on a smart device. Through the dashboard, one can start, stop, pause, and send to the charging station all with the tap of a finger. Cemetery and golf course managers especially love this function.

If a family memorial service is going on in an estate a goat is currently mowing, anyone with access to the dashboard could pause the goat or send it to the charge while the service is taking place. 

The event log is a crucial part of the management of a herd of robot lawn mowers, helping adapt the environment for optimal mowing and maximizes the time your staff is on property. If a goat gets stuck in a hole or hung up on a tree root, the robot mower sends a message to the groundskeepers that it is in error and needs to be rescued. 

Here is the amazing part and a true time saver, once the goat has been able to cover its entire mowing area, alerting to the imperfections of the pen, the property groundskeepers will have a log of all that needs to be fixed. Then, a staff member can tend to and adapt that pen all at one time. 

Isn’t it easier on a large commercial property to fill a utility vehicle with the exact supplies needed and tend to an acre at a time then bounce from one spot to another each time an incident arises? My Goat keeps it all in one place, one view of a dashboard. 

Monitor Your Goats

The monitor function is truly unique to My Goat and the My Goat dashboard. 

This is where you can see the analytics and MONITOR the overall health and beautification of your commercial property. This is where every level within the company can be involved and interact, from groundskeepers to managers to owners. 

One of My Goat’s monitoring analytics tools is the Goat Utilization Rate or GUR. The GUR is a percentage measuring how efficient the mowers are maintaining the height of the grass. GUR accounts for the time the robotic mower is spent mowing, paused, stopped, in error, and charging. It allows everyone involved at a property to, at a glance and with one number, understand how the property looks. 

Depending on your preference and level of ‘need to know,’ My Goats sends SMS notifications with GUR updates. 

My Goat, as well as property managers, can also MONITOR the dashboard engagement. Human engagement is essential. Robots still need humans and humans like benefiting from robots. The more the groundskeepers engage the software, monitoring and maintaining the robot lawn mowers, the more successful the property will benefit from The My Goat solution. 

The dashboard and analytics are ever-changing and will continue to grow. As with any software company, the more data and analytics gathered and provided to customers, the more businesses can grow and thrive. Especially utilizing and optimizing autonomous robots.  

Maintain Your Goats

With the My Goat dashboard, maintenance program, and training videos, MAINTAINING your herd of goats or fleet of robotic mowers will be easy and concise. 

The log on the dashboard will allow groundskeepers to be able to know exactly when each goat needs maintenance like new teeth (new blades) and the training videos will walk ground staff through each step. Through certifications and the software, My Goat enables groundskeepers to troubleshoot specific problems and fix them on their own so there isn’t a gap in mowing. 

Like any machine, robots need regular maintenance to maintain their health and longevity. We give you the ability and resources to perform these tasks on-site. It is rare but if the problem is too severe to handle on the property, My Goat will promptly replace the mower.

Move Your Robot Lawn Mowers

My Goat’s software has ingeniously optimized the use of commercial autonomous mowers. 

With My Goat software, commercial property owners can utilize half the hardware they would get if they were to buy directly from the manufacturer to mow TWICE the acreage. 

Naturally, goats should graze on a grazing schedule. Your fleet of autonomous mowers will be put on a grazing schedule and with the help of your groundskeepers, My Goat software will alert groundskeepers to MOVE the goats accordingly.  

Want to see My Goat in action? Please visit our website and ‘Request a Quote’ to see firsthand how My Goat software can benefit you and your commercial property. We offer a variety of packages to fit any size commercial property. Now, look forward to mowing season!